Authentic civil war bullets offered for sale that were found relic hunting in northern Virginia.

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    Civil War federal coat button.
Staff Button Lot 38
Price: $35.00

.58 caliber Gardner and Rifled Musket civil war bullets.
Civil War Bullets Lot 16
Price: $13.00

.58 Gardner, .54 rifled musket, .52 Ringtail Sharps, and a .69 caliber round ball civil war bullets.
Civil War Bullets Lot 35
Price: $27.00

.58 rifled musket, .54 Merrill's carbine, .54 Burnside, and a .50 Smith carbine civil war bullets.
Civil War Bullets Lot 52
Price: $16.50

.69 Buck and Ball civil war bullet.
Civil War Bullets Lot 94
Price: $12.00

Group of .54 caliber civil war bullets.
Civil War Bullets Lot 98
Price: $40.00

.54 caliber Starr carbine civil war bullets lot of 3.
Civil War Bullets Lot 5
Price: $25.00

Civil War Sesquicentennial - 150 Years.

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Authentic civil war bullets and relics dug by myself or relic hunting friends in northern Virginia, mainly Fauquier County unless otherwise noted.  The civil war bullets are offered in lots, singles, and a few bulk lots of single and mixed calibers.  There are two .31 caliber Volcanic Self-contained civil war bullets listed on page four at $40.00 each plus shipping.  The Volcanic pistol was featured on "Son's of Guns" during the 2012 viewing season.

There is a nice selection of single civil war bullets on page four which includes .54 Richmond Merrill, .57 Enfields, .52 Ringtails, .52 Sharps Short and Long, .44 Johnston and Dow, .69 Buck and Ball, .54 Burnside and the .31 Volcanic.  There are two varieties of the .36 caliber St. Louis Arsenal on page 7.  There are bullets and relics from Fort Craig, New Mexico and the Battle of Valverde on page ten which are rare and do not come up for sale very often.

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I recently acquired civil war bullets from the Battle of Gettysburg from two brothers that hunted the area from around 1960 into the 1990's.  Almost all of them are impact bullets.  Lot 26 is a .54 two ring, Lot#6 is a nice .52 Ringtail Sharps, and Lot #14 consists of two different types of the Williams Cleaner bullet, Type I, and III listed on Gettysburg Civil War Bullets.  Page six has an Original 1849 Colt Nipple Wrench that was issued with the box.

Lot #82 on page eight consists of 5 carved civil war bullets that were most likely used for chess or checkers for $15.00.

Lot #24 on page seven contain .54 Merrill's and .54 Starr carbines from the Battle of Jenkins Ferry for $25.00.

Lot #36 on page two is a problem free starter collection of 6 nice civil war bullet drops for $46.00.

Lot #27 on page two is another starter collection of 8 Union/Confederate civil war bullet drops for $60.00.

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